Lopez's costume choice raised a few eyebrows after the couple posted pictures.
The Halloween prank returned even though the host hadn't planned on it.
The momager's Jack Skellington look had her outfitted in black and white pinstripes and wild face makeup.
The reality star dressed up as the subject of the Netflix documentary and put her four children in tiger costumes.
Jimmy Fallon read responses that were so 2020: "New Peanuts Special: It’s a Rapid Test, Charlie Brown."
Angela Nava just wanted to provide levity, but the homeowners association found the decorations "inappropriate."
The "RuPaul's Drag Race" alum promised spooky "stars and looks" in the virtual edition of her "Mask It or Casket" concert, debuting this week.
Stephen Peirick's costume challenge is spreading a much-needed dose of spooky joy.
"The Halloween decorations in my yard are all tombstones with plans I had for 2020 written on them."