Cider doughnuts, pumpkin patches, Halloween...There's a reason we fall in love with autumn.
The NFL star and his brother, Jason Kelce, couldn't stop praising a particularly creative couple's costume on the latest episode of their podcast, "New Heights."
The '70s icon may have also revealed that she's a fan of reality TV.
Authorities said the child had tried to deliver Halloween treats to his sister's friend but went back after realizing it might've been the wrong address.
The pop diva moved past Halloween like it’s stale candy into a winter wonderland in her video.
The Halloween queen was the centerpiece of an elaborate ensemble involving ten Cirque du Soleil performers.
It looks like the Republican Party has declared war on Halloween. Or at least the way the president celebrates it.
The Utah Republican's costume definitely wasn't as big of a winner as the "Ted Lasso" look he sported in 2021.
A Mesa, Arizona, educator has been suspended after a few students were reportedly spooked by the teacher’s Spirit Week costume: The devil himself.