Harrison Ford

The FAA is looking into the actor’s incident after he lost control of a small plane Friday. He crossed the runway after mishearing an instruction from air traffic control.
"Ford v Ferrari" director James Mangold may replace Spielberg for the fifth installment of the Harrison Ford franchise, Variety reported.
Chris Sanders talks about alternate Disney endings, as well as making Harrison Ford pet a guy's head in "Call of the Wild."
The Force is not with this "Rise of Skywalker" question.
"That’s the first thing that son of a bitch has done for me," the "Star Wars" actor responded to the joke.
Promoting his latest film, actor Harrison Ford chastized the United States and praised Greta Thunberg.
The "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" star calls out U.S. policy on immigration and climate.
The Luke Skywalker actor said they had never met before and had read only this one scene.
Harrison Ford honored his longtime partner in the Millennium Falcon cockpit.
The "Dead to Me" actor told James Corden that Ford "probably wanted me out of there."