Harrison Ford

The Luke Skywalker actor said they had never met before and had read only this one scene.
Harrison Ford honored his longtime partner in the Millennium Falcon cockpit.
The "Dead to Me" actor told James Corden that Ford "probably wanted me out of there."
The "Star Wars" actor described his late co-star as "really sweet" and "a really neat guy."
The actor, who played Chewbacca in the "Star Wars" franchise, died on Tuesday at the age of 74.
The actor criticized the Trump administration over climate change in a speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai.
On the movie's 30th anniversary, it's time to settle a debate.
"Stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science, or worse than that, pretend they don’t believe in science," the "Indiana Jones" star said.
Ron Howard's drama-addled spinoff doesn't get Han quite right, but the movie is entertaining in a witless way.
The director said the franchise will continue after actor Harrison Ford shoots his last Indiana Jones movie.
The actor tells HuffPost he's been given the opportunity to decide.
As we prepare to return to the world of "Blade Runner," there are a few lingering questions from the original film.
This is the news. 1. At least 58 people have been killed, and over 500 more injured in Las Vegas. Authorities are calling