Harry Connick Jr.

The singer and his wife Jill Goodacre have three daughters ― Georgia, Sarah Kate and Charlotte.
News of Glenna Goodacre's death was posted to Instagram by Harry Connick Jr., who is married to her daughter, Jill Connick.
"It will come back, and it will come back stronger and better."
We've been wondering how he felt for the longest time.
The idea of recognizing non-famous people always has possibilities, and Connick's takeover of an Atlanta nail salon certainly
n this DVD collection we join junior dinosaur expert Trek Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs in the real world, especially baby dinosaurs. I enjoyed the way this DVD uses CGI of dinosaurs in the story. This show is truly entertaining and educational.
The "American Idol" judge's 19-year-old daughter was charged in relation to providing alcohol for minors.