Harry Styles

It's Styles' colorful, sexy beach fantasy and we're just wanting to live in it.
The singer dropped the sensual video for his new single, "Watermelon Sugar," at the perfect time.
Thunder only happens when it's raining, players only love you when they're playing... and coronavirus is keeping the Fleetwood Mac singer indoors.
How can one person look this cool all the time? For one, wear Gucci almost exclusively.
The pop heartthrob also took the Music Hall of Williamsburg stage for an intimate set that included One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."
Meet your new h-ear-oes: BTS, Dwyane Wade and *checks notes* John C. Reilly's son, Leo Reilly.
In response to a now-viral thread on Twitter, one man shared that the former One Direction member volunteered to watch his dog for him while he ran an errand.
These 66 looks are a Christmas gift you won't want to return.
Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, the singer also shrugged off questions about ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner.
The singer once again was asked about rumors that he's bisexual despite his insistence that it's nobody's business.