Heather Mills

"My next goal is to be the oldest person to win a gold medal in Korea."
It seems like the easiest way to land a reality show these days is to be the former spouse of someone famous. Need proof
(CBS) Beatles fans who were amazed at allegations Paul McCartney hit his ex-wife Heather Mills have an ally. A lawsuit filed
The closer you get to a variety of individuals, the more you realize that absolutely everyone is both very unique and different
Sure, stylists are important for the red carpet--but what about for court? Smart divorce court looks are essential tools
Landmark reforms are being planned to enable couples to sign legally binding pre-nuptial agreements for the first time in
For a divorce lawyer like me -- and a lot of you who follow celebrity love lives in the news -- it's been a decade filled with some rather dramatic divorces for the world's biggest stars.
Heather Mills has put her acrimonious split from Sir Paul McCartney behind her - the former model enjoys a "good relationship
Ex-Beatlewife Heather Mills made headlines when she paid $4.9 million for the full ninth floor of 173 Perry Street, the northernmost
Heather's divorce settlement gave her two homes and other assets worth Read more on Mail Online
"I decided I had no more time to keep drying my hair with having to work late and get up early for the new VBites cafe and
Heather Mills, ex-wife of Paul McCartney, says a reporter set up a fake charity to trick her into dishing dirt on her marriage
Eight years after Bush ignored protesters at the EU meeting in Goethenberg, Obama is arriving in Europe for the London G20 talks. One thing is for sure...this time the leaders need to listen.
The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant dismissed the notion that her efforts were an attempt to rebuild her image
Read more on Sunday Mirror Sara Trumble claims Heather was ordered to go above and beyond her role as Beatrice's nanny. Sara
Here is the list of the break-ups we covered as well as a collection of the most interesting, touching, annoying, inspiring stories about the splits, the fits, the emotional pits and the couples who called it quits.
Dozens of transition documents drafted for the transition team by advocacy groups... are now up on the change.gov website.
But the best is saved for the very last line. Macca signs off: "And you have money/ And no manners.".... See photos of McCartney