Heather Mills

"My next goal is to be the oldest person to win a gold medal in Korea."
It seems like the easiest way to land a reality show these days is to be the former spouse of someone famous. Need proof
(CBS) Beatles fans who were amazed at allegations Paul McCartney hit his ex-wife Heather Mills have an ally. A lawsuit filed
The closer you get to a variety of individuals, the more you realize that absolutely everyone is both very unique and different
Sure, stylists are important for the red carpet--but what about for court? Smart divorce court looks are essential tools
Landmark reforms are being planned to enable couples to sign legally binding pre-nuptial agreements for the first time in
For a divorce lawyer like me -- and a lot of you who follow celebrity love lives in the news -- it's been a decade filled with some rather dramatic divorces for the world's biggest stars.
Heather Mills has put her acrimonious split from Sir Paul McCartney behind her - the former model enjoys a "good relationship
Ex-Beatlewife Heather Mills made headlines when she paid $4.9 million for the full ninth floor of 173 Perry Street, the northernmost