Heather Morris

The actor's message to her friend and former "Glee" co-star featured a series of photographs of their children ("our little goof balls") playing together.
Morris contacted authorities to ask if she can "help in any way" as they continue to look for Rivera.
Attention, Gleeks everywhere: You want to watch this.
Two weddings in one year! After Heather Morris' "Glee" character Brittany S. Pierce married her longtime love Santana Lopez
When you point a finger at someone you are pointing one right back at yourself. Staying silent means that you're agreeing and accepting that these homophobic practices and this lack of progress is valid.
Even at its rockiest, Glee has had a steadfast message that we are all underdogs, and there is nothing, and no one, we cannot be. There is nothing you can't accomplish with faith, hope, dreams, drive, and a special group of friends.
What made the show unique originally was the focus on a core group of misfits mixed with losers, wannabes and popular kids
The 100th episode of "Glee" airs March 18 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox. See all the photos below. Click on an image to enlarge. }catch
1. "Keep Holding On" featuring Mark Salling (Puck) 2. "Valerie" featuring Naya Rivera (Santana) and Morris (Brittany) 3. "Defying
Lea Michele and Heather Morris spent time together on a dreary day in Los Angeles on Thursday (Feb. 6). The ladies walked