What matters is that the individual himself accept the time and energy needed to metabolize and integrate the psychic change in order to continue with life in the present.
• • • How he met these characters and a number of others, as well as his moving to LA from the Midwest on a proverbial shoestring
Melissa McCarthy turned heads when she stepped out for an event in Santa Monica recently looking noticeably thinner.
Roger Ross Williams joins Ahmed to discuss Uganda's anti-gay policies and how the country is still leading the way when it comes to googling about gay porn.
Instead of asking, however, why people are running away from churches faster than a squirrel will cross a busy street, most fundamentalist Christian leaders point to those leaving as if something were wrong with them.
O: Beauty is the product of the dominant ideology. (Thus when ideology changes, the ideal body follows.) We can see that
As Palin leaves her national audience on Fox News, though, we have to at least give her credit for her staying power. Even lefties, if they're honest, will admit that they're kind of going to miss Sarah. Granted, it's in a Nixonian "to kick around" sort of sense, but still.
What do Benjamin Franklin and AMC President and CEO Josh Sapan have in common? The two men share an affinity for lightning
From Clint Eastwood's RNC speech to the popularization of "YOLO," plenty of strange, often internet-driven obsessions occupied
Since digital technology has destroyed everything I once loved about this sacred art form, I get my rocks off in a different, frankly much more expensive way.