World War II began in 1939. And the Spanish flu pandemic began in 1918.
In desperate pursuit of reelection, the president is pitting America against itself.
The House just passed a bill in favor of creating a Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino in Washington, D.C.
Slavery "was the necessary evil upon which the union was built," the Arkansas senator said in an interview.
President Trump has proposed a monument featuring 30-plus figures from American history, at a time when many Americans are grappling with tributes to controversial icons of the past.
"Benedict Arnold can step aside," VoteVets says in its latest anti-Trump attack ad.
Shannon Lanier believes that monuments to the third president should be kept out of public spaces.
Airing during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the five-part documentary series builds on decades of work from filmmakers, scholars and activists.
On the eve on Anzac Day, Henry Lunney reflects on surviving the Great Depression, World War II and the deadly coronavirus.
Every year for Mardi Gras, lavish costume balls and bold celebrations are held all around the world. But before you break out your beads and get in your last bites of king cake, here’s how the holiday became a cultural phenomenon.