Hugh Grant

“A lot of actors [with dwarfism] feel like we are being pushed out of the industry we love,” George Coppen told the BBC.
A London court rejected an attempt by the publisher of The Sun newspaper to throw out a lawsuit alleging journalists and investigators it hired illegally snooped on the actor.
"The way I’m going to be sexually attracted to an oompa loompa after this," one person wrote.
An attorney for the publisher of The Sun tabloid says emails from the Duke of Sussex indicated he could have brought a lawsuit in a timely manner.
"Low-budget, bad wig, bad hat,” the actor said, listing all the things that were wrong with the '80s film.
Some thought Grant was rude to the model on the Oscars red carpet, while others figured he was just being British.
The two actors had demonstrated their, um, vocal talents in the 2007 romantic comedy "Music and Lyrics."
The model gave TMZ her thoughts about the awkward exchange with Grant on the champagne carpet.
The comedian recapped some of the funniest moments from the awards show after hosting it a day earlier.
The “Glass Onion” actor gave Graham a series of rude and irreverent responses during his red carpet interview.