Hugh Grant

“Now they’re tearing his wife to pieces,” the actor said of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to step back from the royal family.
Britain's prime minister parodied the holiday film's note cards scene for an election ad -- but Grant found something missing.
“You will not f**k with my children’s future," he warned.
Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell return and "not everything will go as planned," screenwriter Richard Curtis said.
The former "Daily Show" correspondent said it is "truly an honor."
Before becoming president, Donald Trump moonlighted as actor. Here are some of his “performances.”
The actor and his longtime girlfriend Anna Eberstein tied the knot in a civil ceremony.
Co-star Hugh Grant remembered her as a "hilarious and a very warm person."
"People have been calling it the ‘Godfather: Part II’ of the family movie genre, which is praise indeed."
He also said his "Love Actually" co-star, Emma Thompson, is "not remotely sane."
Whether they've been typecast as feckless bumblers, incurable workaholics, lone wolves or toxic bachelors in the past, some guys know when to snap into dad mode. At the right age and mindset when the right role comes along, they step up and take the challenge. And it can pay off big.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.