Hulk Hogan

She's been named Salvador Dolly in an ode to Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali's famed lip decorator.
The 458-pound behemoth's Wrestlemania 2 match against The Hulkster made history.
The film about the popular pro wrestler will reportedly focus on the early years of "Hulkamania."
The WWE cut ties with Hogan in 2015 due to a recording of him repeatedly using the n-word — part of the infamous sex tape for which he sued Gawker.
Hogan confused Margera, who is very much alive, with another former "Jackass" star, the late Ryan Dunn.
What the PayPal co-founder planned to do with the news site remains unclear.
A Kickstarter campaign led by former staffers raised less than $90,000 of its $500,000 goal.
The fundraising campaign is a last-ditch effort to revive
Attorney Charles J. Harder helped Hogan and Peter Thiel take down Gawker last year.
When documentary filmmaker Brian Knappenberger set out to make a film about Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker Media, he
A new documentary focuses on the fight to preserve First Amendment rights in media.
It was a difficult and challenging year, especially seen through the lens of sexual health. It was a year in which politics came close to displacing sexual politics as the most-talked about topic on therapist couches.
The Kevin Owens Show main event had promise, but that too just became another unoriginal, copy and paste segment where wrestler
The weathered building, which now resembles a forgotten boxing champ, stands as a haunting monument to America's fickle sense of entertainment.
Mrs. Trump's lawyer recently won a major case for Hulk Hogan against Gawker Media.