President Donald Trump won’t stop joking about staying in office for a third term, going so far as printing up Trump 2024 campaign signs.
After Hasan Minhaj criticized the Saudi crown prince on his Netflix show, the streaming service removed the episode in Saudi Arabia.
"I used to be very laid-back & now seeing different colors of Play-Doh mixed together triggers me."
Wait until you hear the anecdote about George Lucas and Watto's honker.
May The Fourth is upon us, which means only one thing - celebration of a 'puntastic' fan made holiday. May the Force Be With You All!
"Won't someone please invent a nightstand the size of a dining room table for all my waters and lotions and books."
"If cats aren’t meant to be kissed on their heads then what’s that little space between their ears for."
"My kids fighting for 20 minutes over who gets to help me vacuum is the definition of a mixed blessing."
"Never judge a person by the way they look before they board a long international flight."
"Our new favorite game in our marriage is where we both lie in bed as still as possible in hopes that the other person will finally give in and take the puppy out to pee."