The actor, who played George Costanza on the iconic series, said the cast had to wait for the audience to stop laughing.
"It should be illegal for your child to change their favorite character without giving you a 30 day notice."
"My 4yo calls the nail salon the Toe Salon, and anyway…that’s what it’s called now."
"Why did they call it a diaper blowout and not a s**tuation."
Netflix reinstated a transgender software engineer, who critcized Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up special, “The Closer,” and two other employees amid backlash from the LGBTQ community for the comedian’s transphobic jokes.
"Rotisserie chicken wakes up the primal huntress in me."
"Grandmas be like imma stay for a few days and reset your children back to factory settings."
"Today's kids will never know how much strength you needed to get the car window down."
"Secret to peaceful parenting is to never tell your child the plans for the day."
"When fleetwood mac said 'don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow' i felt that because i have anxiety."
"My cat is better than any baby I’ve ever seen."
“My dad’s two dogs expelled from dog daycare due to forming a ‘dog gang.’”
"'This could’ve been an email' — me at my daughter’s recital."
"62% of parenting is improvisational theatre."
"I can tell when my dog is about to s**t. Superpowers are real and I’m the newest Avenger."
"Just met a 1 year old named Barbara. Didn’t know they were doing that!"
"why doesn't hbo have a theme park. i want to go on the sopranos river cruise"
"Love when cats are chatty. like hell yeah mew mew dude what else you got to say."
"Being a parent means saying things like, 'Thank you for sharing my water with me.'"