Idris Elba

Elba's confession came during the SAG Awards' traditional "I Am an Actor" opening.
The actor said that he is "massively" rewarded for those habits, which makes them difficult to quit.
The “Hijack” actor said the man pulled out a gun and “stuck it right in my face.”
Rumors that the “Luther” actor was being thought of for the next 007 have been circulating for years.
Neither Stringer Bell on "The Wire" nor Tango in "American Gangster" held a candle to the Londoner's most challenging part.
"A lot of people talk about another character that begins with ‘J’ and ends with ‘B,’ but I’m not going to be that guy," the actor told the World Government Summit in Dubai.
A-listers fired back at nasty messages in Jimmy Kimmel's new "Mean Tweets" bit.
Idris Elba may go head-to-head with a lion in “Beast,” but the action flick was no match for the latest “Dragon Ball” movie.
For his new film "Beast," Elba made a casting choice that got a little awkward with his 20-year-old daughter Isan.
The "American Gangster" actor told Jimmy Fallon he wrote Jay-Z a poem that ended up on the film's companion album.