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"Responsibility is a difficult thing. Most people prefer to accept a common code of behavior that takes from them the need to make choices and leaves them simply with the obligation to obey ... "
The real housewives had their finale last night, and while there were many many tears, there were even more evil stares and
So what does it take to become a Supreme Court justice in this fair nation of ours? After combing through hours and hours
But what of the day-to-day antics of "Morning Joe"? What of the phrases the hosts can't help but use, the jokes they can't
There was something about a fish and sports and a lot about politics and not quitting but then quitting. It ended and I felt
Ok, we lied, we couldn't get it down to a minute even though we trotted out every fancy editing trick we knew. It's a minute
Dave responded to Palin's insistence that his jokes were "disgusting" and "sexually perverted" in an earnest 7-minute segment
Everyone from CSPAN to FOX News is getting into the Twitterverse: A place where Ashton Kutcher is the most popular man in
Sonia Sotomayor are the words on every pundits' lips this week, and we are stranded here with the "Daily Show" on hiatus
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"In a Minute" videos are back! We know you've missed having news shows, events, and stories condensed into 60 seconds so
Here's a look at the Gossip Girl season premiere in one minute!
If you're like us, you watch The O'Reilly Factor at least once a day. But sometimes, things get in the way like...watching
The GOP cultural flailing might seem like little more than fodder for the late-night shows, but it also reinforces the demographic conundrum facing Republicans. And no, I'm not just talking about race.
NBC's coverage of the Olympic Opening Ceremony clocked in at over four hours. While Zhang Yimou's display was certainly memorable
Monday night, Fox News Channel aired the first of two presidential candidate documentaries called "Character and Conduct
Democratic National Convention coverage from MSNBC left us overwhelmed. So here's the whole thing in (a little over) a minute
In the three days following John McCain's announcement of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, we had a really hard