In A Minute

"Me dieron en el pecho... pues, despu茅s me empujaron al piso. Entonces me dieron otro, all谩 en mis ojos, porque ya yo estaba
Relat贸 que cuando se sac贸 de la vivienda a los inmigrantes, varios intentaron darse a la fuga, pero fueron detenidos por
"Responsibility is a difficult thing. Most people prefer to accept a common code of behavior that takes from them the need to make choices and leaves them simply with the obligation to obey ... "
Last fall, British scientists analyzed more than 200 water samples from central New Delhi, including public tap water and
The real housewives had their finale last night, and while there were many many tears, there were even more evil stares and
So what does it take to become a Supreme Court justice in this fair nation of ours? After combing through hours and hours
"Morning Joe" has always been a source of great entertainment for those who watch it. There was the time Mika's dad, former
"When she ran for vice president, she frequently became disjointed and garbled when she departed from her prepared remarks
Ok, we lied, we couldn't get it down to a minute even though we trotted out every fancy editing trick we knew. It's a minute
Anyway, it worked out well for Dave, whose ratings have gone through the roof as a result of the "scandal." "I'm telling