Internet Culture

The actor famously became viral meme fodder for his expressionistic performance style and eccentric persona.
The senator from Pennsylvania is known for remarks on social media that pack a punch – and he makes no apologies for them.
The new meme is a cutting response to how some men reacted to a lighthearted “girl math” trend on social media.
The Pennsylvania senator dropped a timely reaction after his choice of attire sparked Republican backlash.
“I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself,” the "Single Soon" singer said.
A hilarious meme pokes fun at all the news stories amid the couple’s breakup.
The woman, who yells “attenzione pickpocket!” at petty thieves in the act, has sparked hilarity online thanks to her catchphrase.
"Samuel L. Jackson does not have good non-winner face," one fan wrote.
A new poster for the film reads: “She’s everything. He’s just Ken.” Twitter users have found hilarious examples of couples fitting that description.
Have we taken this parasocial relationship a little too far?