Jameela Jamil

"These articles are a strategy to now blame her for MY every word and move," the "Good Place" actor said.
"The Good Place" alum's "odd" talent will make you wince.
The actor applauded the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for stepping back.
The actor faced much ire on social media over the news that she'd be the MC on an HBO Max show about voguing and ballroom culture.
The actor, who plays Jason Mendoza, said the NBC sitcom actually inspired him to propose to his longtime girlfriend, actor Dianne Doan.
Kim Kardashian's pants/boots hybrid, Jameela Jamil's chic highlighter look and more.
STIs are common. Our conversations should reflect that rather than stigmatize those who have them.
The "Good Place" star talked about the incident to mark World Mental Health Day and said she hoped to "de-stigmatize the conversation around asking for help."
"The Good Place" star has changed her stance on the controversy surrounding the talk show host's friendship with former President George W. Bush.
The musician, who has dated “The Good Place” actor since 2015, is making it crystal clear that his girlfriend isn’t just a “muse.”