James Cameron

Cameron called the young star's bluff and ended up casting him in a role that would change his career, the director told GQ.
"Get the f**k out of my office," the iconic filmmaker said he told the studio executive before the 2009 megahit's release.
Filmmaker James Cameron and Oceanographer Dr Robert Ballard are supporting a bid to acquire 5,500 objects from the doomed ship. The campaign was announced at the Titanic Belfast museum.
“The question is, how many people give a s**t now?” said the filmmaker.
James Cameron's highly anticipated sequel opens in theaters Dec. 16.
The filmmaker is blasting the beloved superhero characters ahead of the upcoming release of “Avatar: The Way of Water.”
“The Terminator” reboot is rejoining the original squad including actress Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and franchise creator James Cameron.
The "Avatar" director said aspects of his 2009 movie are "still competitive with everything that’s out there these days."
The director told the audience he was "super excited to be finally finishing up movie two" — as he has three additional installments in the works.
Director James Cameron is settling the great “Titanic” debate, could Jack and Rose have shared the door?