James Corden

In a recent "Late Late Show" monologue, Corden told a joke that was remarkably similar to one Gervais made years ago.
Keith McNally accused the talk show host of saying "anything to save his bacon" after Corden spoke about his recent behavior at the restaurant Balthazar.
Malcolm Corden thought his wife Margaret was too scared to visit. He was so wrong.
James Corden apologized for his “ungracious” behavior at the New York City restaurant Balthazar.
"The Late Late Show" host backtracked on his downplaying of his "rude" comment.
Balthazar owner Keith McNally criticized the late-night host for his statements in a recent interview about the dining debacle.
Prince Harry Takes Late-Night
A New York City restaurant owner accused the "Late Late Show" host of abusing his wait staff on multiple occasions.
Earlier on Monday, Keith McNally said the late night host was abusive and rude toward staff in his New York City restaurant.
Restaurateur Keith McNally described the comedian as "extremely nasty" to restaurant managers and wait staff, who he said were left "shaken."