James Corden

The former "Late Late Show" host is having trouble convincing people that he didn't get canned by CBS.
The hip-hop icon reflected on suffering a brain aneurysm, saying that the experience made him "appreciate being alive."
“It’s a dream to have a space to engage in deep conversations with the people whose work and talent I greatly admire," Corden said.
Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert joined an all-star cast of late night hosts in Corden's last episode of the "Late Late Show."
Corden urged his audience to “remember what America signifies" in a packed episode featuring Tom Cruise, Harry Styles, Will Ferrell and his late-night rivals.
The "Late Late Show" host hit the streets one last time — with a darkly comic twist.
The singer said she’ll probably never reach EGOT status because of it.
The "Rolling In The Deep" singer had the departing "Late Late Show" host in tears during a final, surprise edition of the musical segment.
The former Fox News personality is "running out of options," said "The Late Late Show" host.
The rapper-turned-media mogul bewildered the "Late Late Show" host during his "Carpool Karaoke" appearance.