Jamie Foxx

An American adaptation of an Israeli rom-com, Jamie Foxx's father-daughter series and a new season of "The Circle" top the ranking.
The "Just Mercy" actor brought his A-game in an Auto-Tune challenge against Jimmy Fallon.
"We officially got the real ball rolling," the Oscar-winning actor said of his long-planned movie about the ex-boxing champ.
The 26-year-old knocked her father's socks off in an Instagram post that purported to show stunning vocals. It was, in fact, a remarkable lip-sync.
The Oscar-winning actor was all giggles as he invited his hero onstage at the 11th annual Governors Awards.
Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson also star in the movie, which is based on social justice activist and lawyer Bryan Stevenson's 2014 best-selling book.
The Oscar-winning actor was seen this past weekend with singer Sela Vave.
"As I write this caption, tears are welling up in my eyes," the actor wrote on Instagram.
The actor, playing George Jefferson in the "All in the Family"/"The Jeffersons" remake special, broke the fourth wall in style.
The rumored couple wore coordinated ensembles to the big event.
The actor has two daughters, Corinne and Annalise.
Also discusses earning Ray Charles's respect and landing his 'badass' 'Spawn' reboot
"Did all of Jamie's scripts get burned in a fire ...?" asked one person on Twitter.
Blac Chyna, Jamie Foxx, Lakeith Stanfield, and more hit the carpet on Sunday night.
The actor has been accused of hitting a woman with his penis in 2002.
Audience members couldn’t seem to remember she voiced Anna, not Elsa.
Join host Jamie Foxx, in a Grey Goose production, as he goes “OFF SCRIPT” with Hollywood’s most beloved talent to celebrate the iconic cinema moments that shaped their success. (Paid for by Grey Goose)
The actor made his move at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.