Jane Lynch

The actor said she and her "Glee" co-star "have been in touch" regarding the Broadway musical, adding: "I adore her."
The Emmy winner also believes her character's "problematic" sense of humor and rampant bullying would not be embraced by modern viewers.
The cult comedy that many fans thought was canceled too soon is getting another shot … and may include Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jane Lynch and Ken Marino.
One Twitter wit sums up the actor's argument: "Let them eat cake. In their #winecave."
The Grammy-winning pop icon is said to be teaming up with the "Glee" star on a new series for Netflix.
One tweeter described it as “my ‘Game of Thrones’ finale.'"
"There’s just kind of an inability to open up the mind, I think, to females hosting things."
Impeccable performer Jane Lynch is bringing her shtick across 14 U.S. city tour dates during her new summer cabaret show See Jane Sing. Planned stops include Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, and Nashville.