Jared Leto

The "Morbius" star, who is able to walk, was pushed in a wheelchair to the restroom — and that was a compromise.
Christian Bale’s weight gain for the upcoming film “Backseat” isn’t the only time an actor has made a drastic transformation.
“I really respect Jared’s process, and I had a wonderful time working with ... whoever that was,” Hathaway said of her co-star.
Leto stars alongside Anne Hathaway in the Apple TV+ series, which follows the rise and fall of the global co-working brand WeWork. It debuts March 18.
Bringing designer Paolo Gucci to life, he said, was like "birthing a bowling ball out of my sphincter."
The Ridley Scott film will explore one of the most scandalous crimes in Italian history.
Despite the ceremony being virtual, celebrities still donned their best (and boldest!) looks.
“The whole world had changed. But when we were in there, they didn’t tell us," the Oscar-winning actor told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon.
"Walked out yesterday into a very different world," the "Dallas Buyers Club" actor wrote on Twitter.
The actor, who starred as the supervillain in "Suicide Squad," felt "alienated and upset" by the standalone film.