On International Transgender Day Of Visibility, we highlight the victories of trans rights pioneers.
“Once equality is the norm for all women, trans or cis, the women’s movement will be perfect,” says Jazz Jennings.
Jeanette Jennings is the parent of Jazz, who identified as transgender at a very young age. As a parent, Jeannette navigated many obstacles and fought for her child, allowing Jazz to be true to herself. Jeanette Jennings appears in TLC’s reality show, “I am Jazz.”
The activist and television star shared her thoughts on the administration's proposal to stop recognizing the existence of trans people.
"We have been declaring our existence for so many years and we're not going to let this administration erase that," the YouTube personality said.
The 25-year-old wants listeners to see the genre as more than just indebted to the past.
"Thanks for all of the love and support," says the "I Am Jazz" activist.
The jazz musician also wrote classic kids songs like "Three Is a Magic Number" and "Conjunction Junction."
The Utah Jazz star said "there’s a lot of so-called awareness of it, but there’s nothing being done."
"I was raised to understand that every month was Black History Month."
Langston Hughes pioneered jazz poetry and led the Harlem Renaissance. #BlackGlory
Although he didn't invent vocalese, Hendricks became known as the jazz singer who mastered the art.
After 91 years, New Yorkers can finally dance in bars.
Newly dubbed MacArthur "Genius" Rhiannon Giddens wants to bring one of the most overlooked moments in American history to the stage.
Derick Dillard sparked controversy after he blasted the teen on Twitter.