Jennifer Garner

Garner celebrated her milestone birthday with a "13 Going On 50" cake.
Garner held her head in her hands on "The Late Late Show" after discovering that Kinnear had definitely seen her gaffe.
Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo reunite in Netflix's sci-fi film nearly 20 years after the rom-com hit theaters.
Garner is joining the cast of the cult comedy series alongside Zoë Chao, Tyrel Jackson Williams and James Marsden.
The "13 Going On 30" star will be the guest of honor next month at a parade through Harvard Square, followed by a roast at which she will receive her pudding pot.
J.Lo told that she “couldn’t have more respect for Ben as a father, a co-parent, and a person.”
"The Tender Bar" actor defended himself on "Jimmy Kimmel" after fans accused him of blaming his drinking on his ex-wife and marriage.
"I'd probably still be drinking" if they had stayed together, the actor said in a much-maligned interview.
Christa B. Allen, who starred alongside Jennifer Garner in the rom-com, celebrated by analyzing what the genre teaches girls about womanhood.
She was trying to reconnect with former "Alias" costar Carl Lumbly — but it didn't go quite right.