Jennifer Lawrence

"I was all fired up," the actor explained. "He probably told everyone I was a psycho.”
The Oscar-winning actor grew up in a GOP family and voted for John McCain.
“As a Louisvillian, as a human being, I cannot be silent,” the actor wrote.
The Dior creation had all the privacy it needed, according to reports.
The two tied the knot at a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, on Saturday.
The two were spotted at NYC's marriage bureau on Monday.
The actress joked, “Don’t make me resent the baby,” after a couple missed late-night messages."
You need zero technical skills to doctor videos. If anybody can deepfake, can we still trust what we see on the internet?
Basically, if you take away the “Dark Phoenix” star’s most prized possession, she’ll go vape shit.
The actress appeared via FaceTime during a hangout with BFF Kris Jenner.