Jennifer Lopez

The first look at the upcoming film shows the music superstar's fears of still not being "taken seriously" all these years later.
The “Jenny From the Block” singer dug deep into the Bennifer archives to unearth this festive gem.
"Halftime" will follow the global superstar as she enters the next phase of her career.
The "Marry Me" actor said Affleck proposed to her while she was in her "favorite" place on earth — a bubble bath.
Bennifer 2.0 is ready to make it official.
Jennifer Lopez finally confirmed her relationship with Ben Affleck by posting a photo of them making out on social media.
Everyone remembers the dress that J-Lo wore to the 2000 Grammys – but do you know what it led to the invention of?
The actor has a long history of catering to the white gaze in rom-coms, and her newest movie is no exception.
The "Marry Me" actor called their rekindled romance "a beautiful love story."
This explains why the actor gets J.Lo questions at his local pizza shop.