Jennifer Lopez

Violet Affleck, 17, was the spitting image of her mom at a party with her dad Ben Affleck.
Both women wrote Father’s Day posts that made their shared opinion very clear.
The "Air" actor is definitely not rockin' a dad bod in a Father's Day thirst-trap pic shared by his superstar wife.
“Probably not [a] very relatable thing to say, because a lot people don’t understand,” the singer said.
Guadalupe Rodríguez had previously said she “always” knew her daughter would reunite with the actor.
The singer and actor got candid about some of the challenges she faces as a mom of teenagers.
Lopez's mother, Guadalupe, said she knew Bennifer was meant to be.
The “Air” director confounded Drew Barrymore this week with a hard-to-stomach fact about his celebrity spouse.
The "Air" director and star talked about a particular habit of his during an appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show."