Jenny McCarthy

In “Ladies Who Punch,” Ramin Setoodeh’s new book about “The View,” McCarthy didn’t hold back on the broadcast legend.
"It’s difficult, but far from impossible and we smile more than we cry.” -- Regina King
The comments of the rich and famous should be taken with a grain of salt.
Week of 1/11/16 to 1/17/16 Nothing to Sneeze At Read More of Warren's Writing at   Black Actors
"It breaks my heart that it's the end of an era and, in solidarity, I will be wearing my panties at half-mast."
The comments of Obama, McCain, Hilary, Trump...etc. are mere reflections of the DC-area's widespread ignorance on this subject.
Jenny McCarthy has said goodbye to her blond locks in favor of something a little lot bolder.  The actress appeared on Tuesday
We really don't sacrifice our standards by taking a little break from them. So I am going to eat some candy. The cause is
To prevent our children from being sickened and threatened with death by preventable disease, we need to ensure that they get vaccinated. But, to make our vaccination program successful, we also need to find better ways to inoculate ourselves against misinformation. A good place to start is to arm ourselves with the facts.
Is it too much to ask Jenny McCarthy to read a simple, well-researched article and properly educate herself about how no legitimate scientific studies have linked vaccines to autism? And then, to announce to the world she was wrong? It would help undo at least some of the damage she's done to public health and our country's children.
While anti-vaccination supporters are often criticized for their beliefs, a new study shows that the skeptics and their critics might not be as different as previously thought. How will these new similarities help us better understand anti-vaxxers?