Twitter users debated one "Jeopardy!" contestant's successful attempt at responding to a clue during Monday's episode.
The popular game show accidentally spilled crucial information in the beginning of a recent episode.
The game show's "major editing glitch" gave viewers way too much information.
“I have just collapsed into dust,” one Twitter user said of contestant Audrey Satchivi’s remarks.
Barinholtz spoke out in an extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
“There never has been, and never will be, any justification for treating Jeopardy! as the Olympics of quizzing," the three-time winner wrote.
After a 40-game winning streak earlier this year, Schneider has triumphed once again.
"The lives of children are on the line with the fate of this bill," said Schneider, who opened up about her personal struggle before starting hormonal therapy.
The game show's mention of the case in a clue had pretty much nothing to do with the correct response.
The game show host uttered the swear word in a game between former champions.