Jerry Seinfeld

"I don't see how this ends well for Kevin McCarthy," Charlie Sykes said of the Republican House speaker.
In the magazine’s report, anonymous “Tonight Show” employees said they witnessed Fallon harshly reprimand another staffer in front of Seinfeld.
The Fox News host also appeared to borrow a line from "Seinfeld" before praising the former president's looks.
Six years later, the pop star said she still feels pain from being shunned by her hero in a red-carpet moment.
The "Seinfeld" star is making the most of his verified status on the platform — while it lasts.
The 24/7 broadcast stars animated characters such as Larry Feinberg and Fred Kastopolous.
The quarterback's "Seinfeld" style made him look like the "master of his domain" after Cincinnati beat Buffalo in the NFL playoffs.
The "Late Night" host burned Trump's mangling of the word "corridors" in his very own reunion of the sitcom.
The actor, who played Jerry Seinfeld's nemesis Newman, believes the sitcom's efforts to avoid a happy ending for its characters was ill-advised.
It's hard to believe it's a quarter of a century since "Seinfeld" premiered. Why did the show have such a big impact and how has its legacy carried on? We speak with TV critics and fans on why a show about nothing still means so much.