Jesse James

At 50, the Oscar-winning actress is funny, beautiful, hot, talented and has Hollywood eating out of the palm of her hand. High50's Alexa Baracaia looks at why everyone loves America's sweetheart, Sandra Bullock.
If The Godfather has taught me anything, it's that crime doesn't pay... well, ok maybe it does, but still, it's a dangerous game with high wins and even higher losses. If you live a life of crime, chances are you'll be on the run, and a hideout can make all the difference.
Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost Divorce on Facebook and Twitter. Bullock and James married in July 2005, and divorced almost
Former “L.A. Ink” reality TV star Kat Von D hopes to sell her Gothic castle-style home (what, were you envisioning her in
Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker and his fiance country/pop singer Jesse James are the latest celebs to get a reality
If and when the zombie apocalypse happens, a hipster hot spot like Brooklyn or San Francisco is the worst place to be. No
James, 43, and his lady love walked down the aisle at John Paul's Malibu home. James' youngest daughter, Sunny, 9, and DeJoria's
It will take "anywhere from five to 15 laser sessions, with eight weeks of healing time in between" for Kat Von D to remove her tattoo of Jesse James' face. That sounds about right, because when you date a bad boy, it will take just as long or maybe longer to get him out of your heart...
Click over to James' Facebook page to read his entire statement. Jesse James isn't the only celebrity gun owner: On his Facebook
The fifth time may be a charm for notorious philanderer Jesse James. “Jesse has been helping her compete, he’s been hanging
The Last Ride perfectly captures the sense of time and place of this story. The two lead performances give the film depth, while Director Harry Thomason manages to keep the film interesting from start to finish.
If so, the notorious bank robber may finally get a decent burial more than 130 years after he died. DNA tests using a blood
Think your ex is difficult? After reading about the cheating, bad-mouthing ways of the famous exes below, you may want to
The words Hollywood and scandal have become almost synonymous. Hardly a day goes by without fresh news of some poor celebrity's
Perhaps Eckhart Tolle said it best: "When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world." And when it comes to losing touch with themselves, women seem to do that best, especially when it comes to relationships.
James issued a public apology to Bullock in March 2010, and he admitted his wrongdoing. His new comments on his split from
When a man is unfaithful, it's not as cut and dry as "I need a prettier woman in my life." He's usually fulfilling a deeper psychological desire.
Your apology might make your fans feel better, James, but we're pretty sure referencing Bullock as just "some Hollywood actress