Jim Carrey

The actor turned political artist has railed against Donald Trump in his cartoons.
The actor and artist flipped Donald Trump's slogan against the former president in a new cartoon.
The comedian turned 59 and didn't really seem in the mood to celebrate.
The "Dumb and Dumber" star poked fun at his own style of acting with his depiction of the president's personal attorney, oozing face and all.
Twitter users have questions about the actor's portrait of accused Capitol rioter Adam Johnson.
The actor also ripped the president's Republican enablers and made an apology to President-elect Joe Biden.
Alex Moffat replaced Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) got vaccinated against COVID-19.
"SNL" cast, viewers get giddy four years after Kate McKinnon's moving "Hallelujah" in the wake of Hillary Clinton's loss.
"It's a spooky time filled with demons and darkness," warned Jim Carrey's Joe Biden in the Halloween cold open.
The president is the latest addition to the actor's "Hellbound Class of 2020."