Jimmy Fallon

"The Tonight Show" host also mocked Donald Trump's idea of leading peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.
"The Tonight Show" host mocked an ad from the House GOP that celebrated America's rich heritage while featuring clips from Europe.
Hamm recalled what happened behind the scenes following a 2010 Emmys sketch with the “Golden Girls” icon.
The two-time Super Bowl MVP told Jimmy Fallon about a frustrating exchange at a store.
"You know what, Pete? Not everyone has to end up on TMZ," the actor recalled telling her "Meet Cute" co-star.
"The Tonight Show" host joked that Trump wanted one of the closest views you can get.
The Oscar winner said she worked out for five hours a day for her role in the new action movie.
Fallon joked about Lindell's claim that FBI agents recently surprised him to execute a search warrant.
The former president made a surprise visit to the Washington, D.C. area that included a trip to his golf course on Monday.
The "Tonight Show" host spotted a weird detail in a new book about the former president.