Joaquin Phoenix

The Joaquin Phoenix-fronted supervillain film generated over $93 million at the box office.
This was either a messed-up moment on the set or a Phoenix prank of the highest order.
The actor's latest film has prompted questions about targeted violence on screen.
A skeletal Joaquin Phoenix is the latest actor to try his hand at the most overrepresented “Batman” villain.
Director Todd Phillips' origins tale shows how a clunky comic found his criminal calling.
Some fans on Twitter raved about the Todd Phillips film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Others were inspired to crack jokes.
The new film will reportedly focus on the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix's evil Commodus character.
Todd Phillips' origin film about Batman's archnemesis puts on a twisted happy face.
The stand-alone film about the iconic villain, directed by Todd Phillips, will hit theaters sooner than you might think.
It's a quiet place at the box office until the new Avengers flick opens, so check out "Lean on Pete," "Where Is Kyra?" and "You Were Never Really Here."
The actor is known for being irritable. Maybe his new movie, "You Were Never Really Here," has softened him.
The British singer said she might be done with touring. But how many other stars have bowed out of the limelight only to rebound even bigger? Jay-Z, we're looking at you.
Veni, vidi....DUD. Hurricane Joaquin came, it saw and it fled back to sea. All in all, an unpredictable failure -- just like the Joaquin Phoenix rising in Hollywood then eventually winding up on The David Letterman Show leaving everyone confused, dazed and wondering what the heck just happened.
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