John Krasinski

The family’s outing comes nearly two months after Blunt announced her plan to take a break from acting.
The actor, who shares two daughters with husband John Krasinski, has previously said that her children "don’t really want to watch us on screen."
The "Quiet Place" star suggested the coat's sentimental value to her and husband John Krasinski prevents her from tossing it from her closet.
The internationally recognizable actor said his daughters think he works in an actual office — rather than having launched a fruitful career on the famous show.
Here's your daily dose of cuteness, courtesy of John Krasinski. The actor and his wife Emily Blunt decided to share the first photo of their 3-month-old daughter Hazel on Twitter May 13.
Marvel fans have pushed to see Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt star together in a "Fantastic Four" film for years.
The “WandaVision” star made the bizarre claim during a lie detector test — and passed.
The veteran actor shared a Thanksgiving photo and viral TikTok video about the pair's family connection.
The actor spilled the tea in the new book "Welcome To Dunder Mifflin: The Ultimate Oral History Of The Office."
The "Quiet Place" star joked that serving the Barefoot Contessa's “oniony, garlicky” recipe to Krasinski was "all it took" for the "Office" actor to propose.