John Krasinski

"I think we've gotta give them what they want, Jim. You've got to kiss Pam," Davidson said.
"You inspire so many people... the truth is you represent so many parents around the world who are going through the struggle this Christmas.”
The actor had to get creative when boss Greg Daniels said he couldn't shave his head for a movie, hairstylist Kim M. Ferry told Mashable.
It happened while shooting an episode of "The Office" at Schrute Farms.
The cast members danced like they did at Jim and Pam's wedding for one heckuva virtual ceremony.
In his "Some Good News" series, the actor was also joined by Steven Spielberg and Jon Stewart in a virtual commencement to make up for canceled ceremonies.
Shelter-in-place turned into boogie-in-place on "The Office" star's "Some Good News" virtual prom.
Big Papi paid tribute to the staff at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's COVID-19 unit.
"The Office" star struck gold again in his YouTube antidote to the coronavirus pandemic.
Krasinski shared the sweetest wish for an "Office" reunion with his first guest Carell.