John Legend

The singer said Americans have become "desensitized" and argued that imprisonment shouldn't be used to address "nearly every societal ill."
She also revealed the best consequence of her online feud with the president.
The president's attack on the model and her husband, singer John Legend, didn't go very well.
The "Lip Sync Battle" host will save you "from her titties."
A woman failed to recognize the actress, but instead fawned over the couple and asked Driver, “Don’t you just love celebrities?"
"We’ve heard politicians send their thoughts and prayers while failing to act," the 10-time Grammy winner said. "We are done with that."
Native Ohioan John Legend went to Dayton to speak out for gun control following the deadly shooting that killed nine people.
The singer, along with Cardi B, Cher and Rihanna, bashed Trump's racism and inaction on gun control.
Calling the president a POS was "mistaken," the EGOT winner clarified. "At least excrement has a useful biological function."
"We need to get him out of office," the singer-songwriter added in a scathing interview.
The supermodel had no time for social media trolls criticizing her body on vacation.
The singer shared his kids' favorite music and books.
The singer is advocating for diaper-changing stations in men's restrooms.
The 3-year-old drove a hard bargain to wrangle treats in her mother's "Candy Court."
"There is something unexplainable that happens there, some unique alchemy that bubbles up that you just can’t find anywhere else," the former first lady said.
The model faced backlash after sharing tweets from the NBC show's official account. She responded tongue-in-cheek.
The 26-year-old Texan gave coach John Legend a victory in his first season on the singing competition.
The pair honored the rapper who was killed in a shooting earlier this year.