John Mayer

The musician gets Instagram self-awareness points for nodding to his checkered dating history.
Wow! The stars showed off their spin-kick bottle opening skills in Instagram videos.
The seven-time Grammy winner told Ellen DeGeneres he kicked drinking after "a good long talk with myself."
"I made quite a fool of myself," the now-sober singer confessed.
The Fox News host questioned whether Mayer's criticism of the "alpha male contract" was really a "pre-emptive strike" against a possible accusation.
"Dating John Mayer, at this point, is just conceptually sort of a no-no."
Mayer's hilariously strange "New Light" video even spells his name wrong.
"Notice how I’m already impressing you with my light touch."
When posing in pants hiked up past your stomach, attitude is everything.
He was supposed to perform in New Orleans with Dead & Company on Tuesday night.
The musician explained his position on lawmakers who aren't "doing everything in [their] power" to stop mass shootings.