John Oliver

The host of "Last Week Tonight" ripped the Georgia lawmaker's cruel and homophobic take on the monkeypox outbreaks.
The host took a swipe at the GOP Senate nominee's history of alleged quackery.
Footage of the Missouri Republican running on Jan. 6, 2021, is painfully embarrassing, the “Last Week Tonight" host said.
This is like stepping onto the sand and into a nightmare.
The "Last Week Tonight" host hit a developer with a deluge of barbs in a segment on water shortage.
“Obviously, f**k AT&T now and forever," the "Last Week Tonight" host said on Sunday.
The "Last Week Tonight" host showed how cops in schools are criminalizing normal childhood behaviors, not protecting children from mass shooters.
And it turns out she might be right about one thing, albeit for the wrong reasons.
You'll never enter a Subway again without thinking of this.