John Travolta

The YouTube star’s viral parody “Andy!” thanks Andrew Cuomo for his daily press briefings.
Travolta appeared to confuse "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Jade Jolie for Swift at Monday's ceremony.
The actor appeared to confuse Jade Jolie with the actual winner of the 2019 MTV VMA for Video of the Year.
Your '90s teen crush is all grown up and starring alongside John Travolta in a Fred Durst movie.
The "Pulp Fiction" star and "The Tonight Show" host had a "John Travolt-Off" in recreating the actor's iconic parts.
Meet Moose, one dangerous dweeb, in a thriller directed by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit.
The legendary actor-playwright originated the role of Edna in the musical on Broadway, and Travolta played her in the film.
Michael Jackson, John Travolta and Deadpool all appear in reworked snaps of Queen Elizabeth visiting Prince William.
The former co-stars even busted a move on the red carpet.
Dave Grohl was thrilled to share the stage, telling the crowd, “That’s a big star! That’s a real big star!”