Johnny Depp

“The name is the name and they weren’t going to change it,” said a spokesperson for Americans for Indian Opportunity, which consulted on the new Johnny Depp campaign.
The "Aquaman" actress' lawyer calls the allegation "absurd, offensive and categorically untrue."
The actor claimed as part of his defamation lawsuit that she "hit, punched and kicked" him.
At a New York conference, the "Aquaman" actress discussed "falling madly in love with a beautiful woman” in 2008.
The actress claims her then-partner attacked her over a love scene with James Franco, went on an abusive ecstasy bender and head-butted her.
Depp objected to being told that production had to stop for the day, the suit says.
The actor got candid with the Rolling Stone about his divorce, money habits and how he's paid bouncers to punch him.
The actress’ name was included on a list of sizable donations to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
Should I be so pumped for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding when I know the dark history of the British monarchy?
Depp’s ex-wife feels that the "Harry Potter" author and Warner Bros. cherry-picked certain lines from a joint statement made by the former couple.
The actor is slated to reprise his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the franchise's second film.
Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Agatha Christie's whodunit has no steam.
"I intended no malice. I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone.”
"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”