Jon Stewart

The former host of "The Daily Show" is the latest recipient of the Mark Twain prize for lifetime achievement in comedy.
The former "Daily Show" host angered some viewers after suggesting Americans "not villainize" the oil and natural gas industries in a chat about climate change.
“Well, isn’t that the way we judge dictators and atrocities?” the former "Daily Show" host skewered the Fox News personality.
“We’re watching Shecky Greene transform into Churchill,” he said of Ukraine's leader.
The comedian, talk show host and political influencer is the 23rd recipient of the award.
"It’s a wizarding world where ... we can ride dragons, you can have a pet owl… and who should run the bank? Jews,” said the former “Daily Show” host.
The former "Daily Show" host pointed out the "actual danger" which is "not flashy or sexy."
The former "Daily Show" host failed to consider one key thing about the ex-president.
The Comedy Central program gave "a special shoutout to the pundits" who have criticized the quarter-century-old show.