Jordin Sparks

Instagram is a particularly popular reference point for rappers. Trinidad James’ song “All Gold Everything” has the line
Vine star Chris Collins sums up Coca-Cola’s mission best by pointing out the effects, both positive and negative, of using
At last year's Red, White, & Black Party during the Super Bowl in New York we, in good faith, launched a campaign called The Other Side after visiting Haiti. The M.A.D. Girls primarily manages projects for others based on their participation.
Jordin Sparks left jaws on the floor on the American Music Awards red carpet Sunday night with a low-cut, high slit golden
No makeup necessary! Jordin Sparks is so confident about going makeup-free that she couldn't choose among four fresh-faced
It’s becoming a he-said she-said battle of words in the breakup between Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo. Read more on
Jason Derulo has opened up about the reasons behind his split with long-term girlfriend Jordin Sparks. "But as in all relationships
“You’re like ‘don’t pay attention to this’ and nobody was paying attention to it until you said it... Your imperfections
A sunny day calls for some poolside relaxation, and Jordin Sparks did just that. Sparks slipped on an orange bikini and a
Jordin Sparks wore a striped bikini to the opening of Tao Beach in Las Vegas on April 19. Her themed look included wedges
Demonstrating with his hands, Jason showed how any conspiracy theorist on the web can make it look like he's signaling to
Apparently no one was immune to the '90s, not even Jordin Sparks. The singer shared a photo on her Instagram account of herself