Jude Law

The "Firebrand" star engaged in some putrid method-acting to play the British monarch in Karim Aïnouz's new film, he revealed at the Cannes Film Festival.
Warner Bros., the studio behind the "Harry Potter" spin-off sequel, said that the "spirit of the film remains intact."
Dumbledore himself weighed in on Gellert Grindelwald being recast in the "Harry Potter" spinoff.
The actor starred in the 2011 pandemic movie that became a must-see during lockdown.
Still, the "Fantastic Beasts" star said he had "no idea" if a romance would materialize.
"The New Pope" will also star holdovers Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando and James Cromwell.
Black dresses and tuxedos will be available for bidding starting Jan. 19.
These names were only given to 10 newborns last year.