Julia Roberts

The star makes her return to the genre alongside George Clooney later this year in "Tickets To Paradise."
Her marriage tip was very different from Stephen Colbert's suggestion.
The Starz series also stars Sean Penn and showcases a less-heralded side of the 1972 scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon. It premieres April 24.
Jimmy Kimmel's interview with "The Tender Bar" director George Clooney and actor Daniel Ranieri took a surprise turn.
"My Best Friend’s Wedding" and "Spotlight" are among the movies being taken from the streaming platform this month.
Food stylists' wizardry brings memorable culinary moments to life, from Brad Pitt's lollipops to Meryl Streep's ducks.
The “American Horror Story” actor has welcomed her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.
Netflix added the film "Loving" and the documentary "Whose Streets?" this week.
Nicole Kidman said she "really wanted" the part in a 1999 film that became a classic of its genre.
The "Scream Queens" star is cradling her stomach alongside Hedlund in new Instagram photos.