Julia Roberts

In a new interview, Fields said she and her A-list co-stars in the 1989 dramedy "would all rally around" Roberts, a relative newcomer at the time.
Julia has a decades-long reputation of being difficult to work with and even earned the nickname “Tinkerhell” on "Hook." But she owned it all in a new interview with director Richard Curtis.
The rom-com legend said she found portraying a superstar actor "one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do."
The movie icon offered a closeup into her experience with the substance on “Watch What Happens Live.”
According to Perry’s memoir, the two were romantically linked for three months thanks to Roberts’ appearance on a 1996 episode of “Friends.”
The former president and Michelle Obama are co-producing Netflix's "Leave the World Behind," starring Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali.
The "Other Two" star "took notes" as she observed the Hollywood legend ordering breakfast.
Roberts was originally attached to star in the 1998 film but abruptly left without a word, according to producer Ed Zwick.
The host of "Last Week Tonight" spotted a truly baffling moment on the right-wing network.
The "Ticket To Paradise" star was the latest celebrity to uncover their true ancestry on "Finding Your Roots."