Justin Bieber

The mom-to-be announced she was expecting a child with husband Justin Bieber earlier this month.
I literally cannot watch the clip of Kathie Lee Gifford forgetting Martin Short's wife is dead.
The model announced her pregnancy last week, and is already sharing what that entails — particularly in the kitchen.
Pattie Mallette celebrated the news that her celebrity son is becoming a dad, but used one term that sent Bieber fans into a tailspin.
The pair wed in 2018 and have been open about wanting to start a family for years now.
I loveeeeee drama...especially when it involves celebrities.
The Rhode founder’s response comes after the pop star’s fans expressed concern over the vulnerable photos.
The NFL player said he totally “bought” the pop star’s devastated reaction to the well-executed gag.
Friends including Justin Bieber and Keke Palmer mourned the rapper, who had performed at Nashville CannaFestival hours earlier.
In the video message, a well-known pastor asks his followers to bless the Biebers.