Kaley Cuoco

"The Big Bang Theory" alum is catching up on her TV during the coronavirus pandemic.
The coronavirus pandemic "forced" the couple to finally cohabit, the "Big Bang Theory" star said.
The "Big Bang Theory" actor previously said the two have an "unconventional marriage."
The former "Big Bang Theory" star spoke of their "very unconventional marriage."
"This is epic," Kaley Cuoco wrote of the "Friends" alum's summer fun.
Karl Cook celebrated with a very different kind of Instagram post.
Not every question was answered in the series finale — and that's OK.
She told viewers to "prepare yourselves” for the end of the hit sitcom.
"Would you walk up to me and say this straight to my face?" the "Big Bang Theory" actress said.
"Oops," the "Big Bang Theory" actor wrote afterward.