Kat Dennings

When it comes to beauty, there isn't a whole lot Kat Dennings won't try -- goth makeup and coffee hair dye included -- so when we dared the actress to channel her beauty icons for this month's Byrdie editorial, we knew she'd be game!
The 28-year-old "2 Broke Girls" star exuded an air of old Hollywood glamour in a black gown with a plunging lace neckline
I leave the house with the computer in my backpack and move to a café, thinking that after all -- despite the difficulties and fears and insecurities -- my life as a 20-something is not too bad. The problem is, things don't usually go the way we hope. And to work in a café, at least for me, means that I can never find the concentration I need to write good enough.
Sorkin has the advantage of viewing reality in the rear-view mirror as he writes this show, so let me indulge in similar hindsight conclusion-making.
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Big changes for Kat Dennings' forehead. The "2 Broke Girls" star is now sporting bangs, but not just any bangs -- curly, late '80s/early-'90s bangs. The kind of bangs that make you want to put on a leotard and pop a jazzercise VHS into the VCR.
Big changes for Kat Dennings' forehead. The "2 Broke Girls" star is now sporting bangs, but not just any bangs -- curly, late
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Kenneth Branagh's Thor had a certain playfulness that pitted the ultra-serious world of Asgard, land of the Norse gods, against 21st-century USA. Now director Alan Taylor has taken the reins of the franchise and, with Thor: The Dark World, drains the fun from it.
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