Kathy Griffin

The comedian was "devastated" when her CNN pal turned his back after that controversial Trump photo.
Nguyen is best known for creating the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.
Cher, Bette Midler, Seth MacFarlane and Mia Farrow were among those to torch Trump.
Maggie Griffin appeared alongside her daughter for six seasons of "My Life on the D-List."
"I've been saying for a long time that the one honorable thing Trump could do would be to put down his cell phone and go peacefully into the dark."
"So a lot of people thought, you know, I got a call from the Secret Service or got in fake Hollywood trouble. But, no, this is real-life trouble."
Rihanna, Mark Hamill, Alyssa Milano, John Cusack, Kathy Griffin and Nancy Sinatra are among those taking aim at Trump.
"I’m busy on tour right now or I’d dress up as you: a dumb, racist, and talentless hack,” Griffin replied.
Kathy Griffin criticized Twitter for allowing the suspected pipe bomber to stay on its platform.
Apparently, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became speaker of the House, it spelled the end for Trump.
Kathy Griffin chimed in after Ariel Dumas said she regretted her "tone-deaf attempt at sarcasm."
"If you think I'm angry now, you just wait until I get on that Supreme Court."
The conservative commentator told the former first lady to "sit down" after Obama called her husband, Barack, a "great president."
The comedian turned down a Fox News interview with Lahren saying, "Not only do I not want to waste my time with you, I’m too busy selling out shows on my US tour."
If this is how we are making people pay “penance in the #MeToo era,” it’s "pathetic,” Griffin said.
"Celebrating the Manafort and Cohen verdicts...topless, naturally," Griffin tweeted.
Pom Pom was often seen on Griffin's reality TV show "My Life on the D-List."
Comedian Kathy Griffin responded to the ad by saying, “I’m in good company.”