Keegan-Michael Key

Former first lady Michelle Obama and actor Keegan-Michael Key spoke to college students in Detroit, Michigan, about their future.
Munn has been outspoken about the backlash she's received after objecting to a registered sex offender appearing in the film.
"It’s just not as dangerous as you think it is. It’s not the wild, wild West."
"Everyone of you all in the White House has lost your damn mind."
Chappelle says that he "fought very hard" to help create the format the pair's show has benefited from.
Jordan Peele has been working his way up to the hit social horror film for years.
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele do a special skit on "The Daily Show"
Mike Birbiglia's feature film Don't Think Twice earned a Best Comedy Feature Film nomination from the Broadcast Film Critics