Kelly Clarkson

The three-time Grammy winner has embraced a more active lifestyle since moving cross-country.
It seems Clarkson wasn’t aware of how much work went into transforming Vergara into a Colombian drug lord.
"A wife doesn’t forget a time she gets told she’s not a sex symbol," Clarkson is quoted as saying in court documents.
The three-time Grammy winner seemed thrilled to witness the nuptials, which took place midway through a performance of her Vegas concert.
“I’m glad you’re open enough to say that,” Thompson told the talk show host after she revealed her laid-back approach to washing her body.
Brandon Blackstock earned millions in commissions from deals that should have been handled by a talent agent, a California labor commissioner said.
The TV host said the romance is “literally taking over the NFL.”
The Vegas singer had no clue she was watching a Grammy winner until the pop star really began to belt.
The “Frozen” star knows her admission “sounds insane” but said “context is important.”