Kevin Bacon

The "Call Your Mother" star was at a party back in the day and curiosity got the best of her.
The star told Kelly Clarkson he was so nervous before shooting the scene that he broke out in hives.
Their "corona rules" could not prepare them for what they spotted on their unmade bed.
The actor told Al Roker the Netflix docuseries is "amazing" and that he has his "fingers crossed" for getting cast in a potential film.
The actor started an Instagram challenge to bring home the importance of protecting loved ones from the coronavirus.
Kevin Bacon's remains were discovered last month at the home of Mark Latunski after the two met online. Latunski's lawyer is seeking an insanity defense.
The actor couple, who have been married 31 years, met while filming the 1988 TV movie “Lemon Sky."
Two kids and an impressive 31 years of marriage later, the couple is still very much in love.
The couple just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. 🎉
Damn! A preview for the rejected TV series looks like scary fun.
Here are just some of the best moments from the original "Will & Grace," which earned a whopping 83 Emmy nominations during its 8-year run.
A new trailer for the Amazon show is here, and it's hot.
Ricki: Sadly, we will have more acts of terror, but this film shows we can unify. Boston is a tight knit city; the heroes
"In the frying pan of your mind there is only ... BACON!"
Is there anything better? The answer is "neigh."