Kevin Federline

The pop star reportedly checked into a mental health facility this week for emotional distress.
The two have been at odds for months over child support for sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.
To understand a DUD (deliberate under-dating) breakup, you have to rewind the story of the person suffering from it -- because behind every person suffering from a DUD breakup, there's usually an earlier breakup that set the stage.
Great to see Britney and K.Fed getting along! They have come a long way since their, um, chaotic days. Now all we need is
Federline, who was married to Britney Spears for two years, has children by three women. He has two young boys with Spears
The pop superstar kicks off her two-year Planet Hollywood residency on Dec. 27. Spears and Federline cheered on little Jayden
He has two sons with her, but beyond that ... Kevin Federline couldn't give two craps about Britney Spears. Seriously. Read
Kevin Federline is crapping on Britney Spears' bright idea ... to put one of their sons on stage during her Las Vegas show
Give the guy some credit -- that's a pretty noble response on his end. Of course, Federline is talking about new bride Victoria
Kevin Federline is now officially off the dating market — and he's done the same with a California pad fit for his growing