Kevin Spacey

The actor will appear alongside Vanessa Redgrave in an upcoming Italian film directed by her husband, Franco Nero.
The man, who appears in the $40 million suit as "C.D.," alleged the actor sexually abused him when he was 14.
The disgraced actor offered advice for the troubled in this holiday season.
A sexualized comment about Oktoberfest revelers didn't help the disgraced actor's message, either.
“John Doe” had accused the actor of misconduct in 2016.
“You didn’t really think I was going to miss the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, did you?” the disgraced actor says in the video.
The "Star Trek: Discovery" actor and his fiance have been together since 2016.
The anonymous man’s lawsuit against the actor had been moving forward at the time.
Genie Harrison, who represents some of the sexual assault cases against Kevin Spacey, sits down with Caroline to discuss why she’s hopeful, why she’s angry and why she refuses to be intimidated by powerful men.
Sexual harassment attorney Genie Harrison has tackled Weinstein and Kevin Spacey -- and now she's going after the system.