Kevin Spacey

"Netflix exists because of me," the "House of Cards" star says in an interview that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.
Spacey, who was recently acquitted of a dozen sexual assault charges, was attending a film festival in Uzbekistan when he said his arm went numb.
A London jury has acquitted Kevin Spacey on sexual assault charges stemming from allegations by four men dating back 20 years.
A prosecutor says it's more than a coincidence that three of Kevin Spacey’s four accusers described similar crotch-grabbing incidents.
The musician appeared remotely from Monaco as the Oscar-winning actor’s lawyer attempted to discredit a man's allegation.
Kevin Spacey said on the witness stand Thursday in London that he was crushed when an intimate friend accused him of sexual assault .
An aspiring actor, testifying in London, called the Oscar winner a "vile sexual predator" who drugged and assaulted him when he sought his mentorship in 2008.
Spacey is on trial in the UK and has pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges involving the alleged sexual assaults of four men.
The former "House of Cards" actor has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges brought by prosecutors in the U.K.
The "House of Cards" actor is scheduled to go on trial in London in June on a dozen charges.